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König offers world-leading snow chains segmented in Consumer and Professional snow chains.

Consumer Snow Chains are the products destined to private people driving their vehicle on snowy and icy roads in winter time. The typical destination vehicles of Consumer Snow Chains are Passenger Cars, Crossovers, SUVs, Vans and Motorhomes. Such vehicles feature a maximum gross mass is 3.5 tons and a maximum number of 9 seats including the driver. 

The snow chains belonging to this segment are generally handled by users which are rarely using snow chains and, for this reason, products are designed for being easy and light to enhance handling and fitting operations.

Under the Professional portfolio König deploys the product assortment destined to Professionals involved in winter driving and road maintenance activities.

On the other side, Professional snow chains are destined to Professionals which are needing traction for their working purposes, being them bus companies, company working in goods handling and logistic services, snow clearing and road maintenance companies, farmers. Professional snow chains are also the preferred choice for vehicles involved in expeditions and military.

Such vehicles feature a gross vehicle mass over 3.5 tons (max 44 tons) and for passenger transportation vehicles the number of seats can be over 9.

Bigger vehicles, demanding situations, prolonged working sessions – these are the conditions where Professionals are demanded to live with and König is the most reliable partner when it comes to Professionals supply.

To explore König snow chains portfolio, please select the segment you are interested in first.

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