When talking about snow chains, one often thinks of the difficulty the user may experience when fitting them.

That is why, at König, we always try to keep up with the times and produce products that are simpler and also intuitive to use.

What do we mean by this?

When talking about snow chains, one often thinks of the difficulty the user may experience when fitting them.

That is why, at König, we always try to keep up with the times and produce products that are simpler and also intuitive to use.

What do we mean by this?

Intuitiveness describes a process that is easy and very natural to understand and to replicate, for which one would not even need an instruction manual.

By ease, however, we mean a process that, once understood, it is then easy to reproduce.

So the main difference between intuitiveness and ease lies in the process of self-learning from a given operation.

All König snow chains are easy to fit: even less experienced users can replicate the process and fit the product after watching a video tutorial or consulting the fitting instructions.

At the same time, within a range of snow chains that are all easy to use, König offers a specific product category called Intuitive.

These intuitively assembled snow chains are designed to get the product into the hands of users in its final form, exactly as it will fit on the wheel. This avoids the user having to assemble the chain on the wheel. When assembling Intuitive chains, simply spread them apart to reach maximum extension and allow them to fit on the wheel. Once the chain is positioned on the wheel, simply operate the automatic tensioning device and the chain will tension itself while riding.

Since the chain arrives already assembled and ready to be installed, it looks very neat within its packaging and makes the differentiation between the inner and outer side of the chain immediately understandable. A chain that arrives already assembled avoids all operations that can lead the user to get confused, such as the typical connections between hooks and links.

The chains in the Intuitive category are the products of the Easy-fit family and the Reflex family. The latter, in particular, represents the latest product launch in the König Consumer range and incorporate the most advanced technology applied to snow chains. They are in fact the latest additions to the König range and are already enjoying a certain amount of success.

But let us see in detail what the differences are between these two product families.

Easy-Fit. The name says it all... assembly is very easy and also very quick, simply open the arch system, position the arch behind the wheel, and once you have made sure the chain is correctly positioned, simply tension it by pressing the pedal on the bar and you're done! The chain is mounted and thanks to the movement of the wheel it will tension itself.

It is available in two versions: one for passenger cars, the Easy-fit CU-9, and one for SUVs and Crossovers, the Easy-fit SUV. Both are equipped with an internal rigid arch system and foot-operated tensioning. The snow chain is fitted to the wheel in few seconds and does not require any adjustment or pause for re-tensioning.



This family is place side by side the new line of chains König Reflex.

In fact, the products of the König Reflex family (Reflex Edge for passenger cars and Reflex Cross for Crossovers and Compact SUVs) inherit some of the design elements from the Easy family. With Reflex chains the rigid arch doubles, resulting in a chain with two symmetrical arches, as if they were a reflection of each other - therefore the name Reflex.

The first major innovation is the presence of an outer rigid arch that completely replaces the typical side chains found on conventional snow chains. The thin black edge of the arches blends into the tyre shoulder, creating a unique design; while the integrated tensioning device offers reduced dynamic lift and avoids interference between the chain and the vehicle wheel arches.



The main novelty, however, lies in the tensioning system. In fact, it is not the typical automatic tensioning system found in standard snow chains. On the contrary, it is a native device, included in the product design from the beginning. in fact, the automatic tensioning device of the chain itself was born first. The chain was built from this very device, called the Reflex Box. Inside is a drum on which the red micro-cable is wound once the tensioning is activated. In fact, once the red slider is set to the top position (click), this activates the internal spiral spring that rotates the drum, drawing the red micro-cable back into the Reflex Box. Thanks to the high level of integration between the Reflex Box, by-pass and side elements, the red micro-cable runs in the internal cavity of the two arches and applies tension to every part of the chain.



The adjustment of the tensioning level is ensured by an internal trigger, which guarantees micro-clicks and allows unprecedented precision in the fit and ensures a small dynamic footprint. Automatic, micro-adjusted, powerful and click-actuated tensioning. The combination of these unique features led König to define this tensioning system as Automatic2  (elevated squared).



If you'd like more information about König Reflex Snow Chains, which are available for both passenger cars in the König Reflex Edge version and for Crossovers and Compact SUVs in the König Reflex Cross version, you can contact us by email, phone and on our social channels. You can also find König Snow Chains at the best retailers, if you want to find the one closest to you, please click here