König Reflex Edge: a true revolution

The simply revolutionary snow chain in terms of design and vehicle fitting. But that's not all.

"Fitting a snow chain has never been easier" may sound like a phrase you've heard before, but have you ever heard a chain manufacturer promote one of its snow chains as difficult to fit? Certainly not. But trust us, continue reading this article, we have some suprise for you.

Looking at our history and heritage, König has been developing state-of-the-art snow chains since more than 50 years, allowing mobility during the winter months in whatever condition.

Since then, König has focused consumers and their preferences in terms of usage and built strong relationships with the most prestigious vehicle manufacturers with the advantage of get insight on new trends in terms of suspension and wheel systems.

The product we are pleased to launch today represents the perfect essence of the tradition that has distinguished König over the years. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new König Reflex Edge snow chain.

A chain that is simply revolutionary in terms of design and vehicle fitting. But that's not all.



Let's take a detailed look at the features and benefits for users.



Let's start by saying: Forget tangled chains! The Reflex Edge comes already assembled from the factory: the fitting operations do not require the typical hook-and-loop fasteners of classic chains. Simply fit it onto the tyre and activate the automatic tensioning system.


Intuitive mounting

The Intuitive or Top-Down fitting system requires the chain to be fitted from the top of the wheel to the bottom. Once correctly positioned, tensioning is operated with a click on the red slider on the Reflex Box.


Reduced static thickness

The Reflex Edge is designed to minimise the static thickness in sensitive areas of the wheel arch, thanks to the use of specific solutions such as the twisted tread and low-profile connections.


Automatic2 (squared)

The benefit of König's automatic tensioning chains is the fact that once fitted they tension themselves while driving.

The Reflex Edge is no exception. One click is all it takes to activate the automatic tensioning of the Reflex Edge. At the first wheel movement, the Reflex Box will tension the inside of the chain, closing it. Et voila!

But the surprises don't end there. The real marvel of the Reflex Box tensioning system is its complete integration with the outer arch of the Reflex Edge, which is then connected to the by-pass device and to the inner arch.

By connecting in series with the various chain components, the Reflex Box device can tension them all. Let's see how.

The Reflex Box contains a high-load spiroidal spring which, when actuated, pulls the micro-cable and tension­­­s all the chain elements. A powerful and immediate tension, modulated by the internal micro-adjustment device and properly distributed.

The result is a significantly reduced dynamic thickness.


Alloy wheel protection

No more side chains...

The Reflex Edge brings with it a real design revolution that overturns the appearance of the snow chain. This is also because the Reflex Edge does not have any outer side chains, the typical elements that are seen on the outside of the wheel and connect the grip units to each other.

When we designed the Reflex Edge, we immediately considered the need to ensure integration with the alloy wheels and the interference generated by the typical chains. The design of the Reflex Edge favours the presence of the chain on the tyre shoulder and not on the rim. In addition, every component in contact with the rim is protected by a composite material that does not scratch the alloy rims. For vehicles equipped with low-profile sports tyres, the Reflex Edge contains a set of specific rim protection buttons to be applied on side hooks in the case of low-profile tyres.



A practical bag made of 95% RPET (recycled plastic) contains the pair of Reflex Edge chains in addition to the kit. The kit includes fitting instructions, rim protection button kit, repair links, gloves, mat and warranty sheet.


Certifications / Approvals

The Reflex Edge is type-approved according to EN 16662-1:2020 and O-Norm V5117, fully complying with all regulatory requirements in Europe.


Tyre compatibility

The Reflex Edge is able to adapt very well to different tyre sizes and therefore, unlike conventional chains, has a larger tyre coverage. To put it bluntly, a Reflex Edge chain adapts better to varying tyre sizes: each chain can cover a larger number of tyres than a traditional chain. You have a better chance of your Reflex Edge being compatible with your next car.


Vehicle compatibility

The Reflex Edge is a chain that is compatible with passenger cars, both sedans and station wagons, and is the ideal solution for those configurations where the use of conventional chains is restricted. To check if the Reflex Edge is compatible with your vehicle and tyre size, visit our configurator by clicking the following link www.konigchain.com/configurator


If you would like more information about the Reflex Edge you can contact us by email, phone and via our social channels. You can also find König snow chains at many retailers, if you want to find the one nearest to you, please check www.konigchain.com/dealerlocator