König XD-16 Pro: designed for Pick-ups with oversized tires

Owners of big SUVs and Pick-ups looking for a reliable and easy-to-use snow chain are now served.

Up to now, according to the vehicle’s tyre size, several SUVs and Pick-ups owners were forced to buy Professional Snow Chains for their vehicles’ winter driving needs.

In fact, Consumer Snow Chains were available only up to a certain tyre diameter, above that limit only König Professional Snow Chains were offered.

At the same time, König Professional Snow Chains are made to last and perform in the heaviest working conditions and they may just be “too much” for most of end-consumers: developed specifically for working purposes, they lack the practicality that end-consumers look for (light and easy-to-handle product with appropriate traction).

The König XD-16 Pro is the natural extension of the historically-acclaimed model König XD-16 and it has been specifically developed for those vehicles equipped with oversized tyres, up to 35" of diameter.

Thanks to the traditional mounting system, the XD-16 Pro is fully fitted on the tyre without moving the vehicle. The user is requested to stop after some hundred meters to re-tension the chain.

The XD-16 reaches the optimal tensioning level thanks to the Micro-Adjust device which also extremely simplifies all mounting and dismounting operations.

The double spring pre-tensioning system, integrated on the side chains, improves fitting on tyres with different profiles and wear levels.

The double closed shortening hooks keep the side and tensioning chains as much as possible on the tyre sidewall and reduce the dynamic lift of the chain while driving.

The Wheel-Shield Level 2 provides a full set of nylon buttons to cover side hooks and separate the metallic elements from the wheel itself

So with the XD-16 Pro, König provides the big SUVs and Pick-ups lovers a practical, safe and reliable solution to drive on winter roads.

The König XD-16 Pro is certified according to V5117, EN 16662-1-2020 and V5119, fullfiling the existing law requirements for winter equipment.

To check if the König XD-16 Pro is compatible with your vehicle and tyre size, please go to our Configurator Page.

Tutorial video for fitting and removing