The König Reflex chain family expands

One year after its launch, the König Reflex Edge is gaining more and more popularity. A few months later, König is making the same technology and design principles available to a new but undoubtedly growing vehicle category: Crossovers and Compact SUVs. The new König Reflex Cross addresses and is dedicated precisely to them.

One year after its launch, the König Reflex Edge is gaining more and more popularity among those who are looking for a chain with a simple and revolutionary assembly, suitable for their car that cannot be fitted with traditional solutions. In addition to an unprecedented level of functionality, the König Reflex Edge is distinguished by a clean design that perfectly complements the aesthetic lines of modern alloy wheels. These features earned the König Reflex Edge the IF Design Award 2023, a major international award that covers products from different segments.

A few months later, König is making the same technology and design principles available to a new but undoubtedly growing vehicle category: we're talking about Crossovers and Compact SUVs, which are increasingly used for ski resorts and mountain environments during the winter months. The new König Reflex Cross addresses and is dedicated precisely to them.



The product represents the fusion of two existing product concepts: on the one hand the Reflex Edge's mounting system, which is the easiest and most intuitive ever thanks to its rigid double arch construction and integrated tensioning system, and on the other hand it inherits the tread construction from the popular König XG Cross, which is able to guarantee more traction and resistance than the classic rhomboid units.

The König Reflex Cross is the ideal solution for owners of Crossovers and Compact SUVs looking for a simple and intuitive snow chain that offers performance levels in line with the requirements of their vehicle.

Let's take a look at the main features



Forget tangled chains. Like the Reflex Edge, the Reflex Cross arrives already assembled and does not require the typical hook-and-loop fasteners of classic chains. Simply fit it onto the tyre and activate the tensioning via the red slider. Child's play.


Intuitive fitting

The Intuitive or Top-Down fitting system requires the chain to be fitted from the top of the wheel to the bottom. Once correctly positioned, the automatic tensioning of the Reflex Cross is activated with a click on the red slider on the Reflex Box.


Automatic squared

The benefit of König automatic tensioning chains is the fact that once fitted they tension themselves while driving.

The Reflex Cross is no exception. A click is all it takes to activate the automatic tensioning: at the first movement of the wheel, the Reflex Box tensioning device will tension the inside of the chain, closing it. Et voila!

But the surprises don't end there. The real marvel of the Reflex Box tensioning system is its complete integration with the outer arch of the Reflex Cross, which in turn is connected to the by-pass device and the inner arch.

By connecting in series with the various chain components, the Reflex Box device can tension them. Let's see how.

The Reflex Box contains a high-load spiroidal spring which, when actuated, pulls the micro-cable and tension all the components within which the micro-cable runs. A powerful and immediate tension that is modulated by the internal micro-adjustment device and is distributed over all the elements of the chain.


Alloy wheel protection

No more side chains...

Just like the Reflex Edge, the Reflex Cross revolutionizes the aesthetics of the snow chain: the product is free of external side chains, the typical elements that are seen on the outside of the wheel and connect the grip units together.

When we designed the Reflex family of products, we immediately considered the need to ensure integration with alloy wheels and the interference generated by typical chains. As already seen on the Reflex Edge, the design of the Reflex Cross favours the presence of the metal elements on the tyre shoulder and not on the rim. At the same time, each element on the outer side is protected by a composite material that does not scratch the alloy rims. For Crossovers or compact SUVs equipped with low-profile tyres, the Reflex Cross contains a set of specific rim protection buttons to be attached to side hooks in the case of low-profile tyres.



A practical bag made of 95% RPET (recycled plastic) contains the pair of Reflex Cross chains in addition to the kit. The kit includes fitting instructions, rim protection button kit, repair links, gloves, mat and warranty sheet.


Tyre Compatibility

The König Reflex Cross follows the same sizing as the XG Cross with the 213-251 specific sizing.


Vehicle Compatibility

The König Reflex Cross is used on the same vehicles as the XG Cross and in most of the Easy-fit SUV applications. To check if the Reflex Cross is compatible with your vehicle and tyre size, please visit our configurator by clicking the following link


Certifications / Approvals

The Reflex Cross is approved according to EN 16662-1:2020 and Ö-Norm V5117, fully meeting all regulatory requirements in Europe.


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