König Reflex Cross

The revolutionary easiest-to-fit snow chain, specifically developed for Crossovers and Compact SUVs.
  • The double rigid arch system provides the easiest and most intuitive fitting operations ever
  • The Reflex Box is the one-click automatic tensioning device, the most powerful available at König so far. Fully integrated in the snow chain design, it applies tension to all chain parts, both internal and external
  • The unique design and the complete integration of the tensioning system, provide a reduced dynamic elevation and avoid interferences between the chain and the vehicle's wheel house
  • Special cross-member design with low profile links and triple welded traction plates
  • The Wheel-Shield Level 1 offers an integral protection of the wheel from scratches caused by contact with metal parts. All components potentially getting in touch with the wheel are manufactured in anti-scratch composite material and the side elements are protected with specific nylon bumper kit. The Reflex Edge features a PE-covered arch replacing the typical side chains which might be responsible for wheel scratches
  • Practical and durable bag, manufactured with 95% RPET (Recycled plastic)
  • Homologations/certifications/conformity: Ö-Norm 5117, EN 16662-1
  • Not suggested for off-road use

Intuitive, brilliant, simply revolutionary

The chain that represents a revolution in design and functionality. 100% dedicated to Crossovers!

Forget tangled chains: the König Reflex Cross arrives already assembled and does not require the typical hook-and-loop fasteners of classic chains. Simply fit it onto the tyre and tension it.
Intuitive fitting

The Intuitive or Top-Down fitting system involves fitting the chain from the top of the wheel to the bottom. Once correctly positioned, tensioning is operated with a click on the red slider on the Reflex Box.
Performances on snow and ice

The Reflex Cross features the crossover-specific diamond design, composed by low profile links and a triple welded bar system at the center of the tyre tread. This specific design provides additional digging power and overall traction when driving on snowy or icy surfaces. Compared to standard 9mm cross-sections, the König Reflex Cross tread can provide 15% more traction and +20% resistance to stress.
Automatic squared

The benefit of König automatic tensioning chains is the fact that once fitted they tension themselves while driving, and the Reflex Cross is no exception. A click is all it takes to activate the automatic tensioning and at the first wheel movement, the Reflex Box will tension the inside of the chain, closing it. Et voila!
But the surprises don't end there. The real marvel of the Reflex Box tensioning system is its complete integration with the outer arch of the Reflex Edge, which in turn is connected to the by-pass device and the inner arch. In fact, by connecting in series with the various components of the chain, the Reflex Box device can tension them. Let's see how.
The Reflex Box contains a high-load spiroidal spring which, when actuated, pulls the micro-cable and tension all the components inside which the micro-cable runs. A powerful and immediate tension is modulated by the internal micro-adjustment device and is distributed over all the elements in the chain.
The result is a significantly reduced dynamic footprint thanks to a chain that remains super tight under dynamic conditions.
Alloy wheel protection

No more side chains: The Reflex Cross brings with it a real design revolution that overturns the appearance of the snow chain.
This is also because the Reflex Cross does not have any outer side chains, the typical elements that can be seen on the outside of the wheel and that connect the grip units to each other.
The design of the Reflex Cross involves the use of a rigid harmonic steel arch instead of side chains, favouring the presence of the chain on the tyre shoulder and not on the rim.
Every component in contact with the rim is protected by a composite material that does not cause scratches to alloy rims. For vehicles equipped with lower-profile tyres, the Reflex Cross contains a set of rim protection buttons specifically for use on side hooks in the case of low-profile tyres.

A practical bag made of 95% RPET (recycled plastic) contains the pair of Reflex Cross chains in addition to the kit. The kit includes fitting instructions, rim protection button kit, repair links, gloves, mat and warranty sheet.


External fitting
Intuitive fitting
Traditional Fitting
Automatic tensioning (1 stop for fitting)
Manual tensioning (2 stops for fitting)
Quick external release
Wheel-Shield Rim Protection
Additional traction elements
ABS/ESP compatible
Internal clearance 9 mm

Mounting & Operating manual