The R&D team is responsible for managing innovation at 360° through research, development and testing activities.

The research activities aim to get a larger and deeper insight of the available and upcoming technologies in the different business segments which may result suitable for the existing product technology.

On the other side development activities aim to design solutions providing end-consumers selected added-values which vary according to the segment, vehicle and usage.

Our approach to the product design incorporates our brand’s historical heritage combined with a more out-of-the-box way of thinking, resulting in safer yet groundbraking solutions.

Thanks to the use of latest generation 3D modelling softwares, products are 3D designed, engineered and tested in-house.

Last but not least, testing is a fundamental activity for König: for this reason in the Headquarter R&D benefits of a dedicated testing center with a wide range of testing equipment to get a deeper insight and understanding of products and vehicles.