The best snow chains for Crossovers

After a huge success in the latest 20 years, station wagons have become less popular in most of the car manufacturers portfolios and crossovers represent the newer preferred choice for families. And König has a dedicated product range for this type of vehicle.


On different contexts, the term Crossover refers to something crossing the boundaries of segments which are usually pretty well defined.

In the automotive business, vehicles are no exception: the crossover body type crashes the boundaries of the station wagons and SUVs segments, unifying them under a new, hybrid vehicle design.

After a huge success in the latest 20 years, station wagons have become less popular in most of the car manufacturers portfolios and crossovers represent the newer preferred choice for families needing plenty of space to carry family members and their luggages but also for sporty people needing room for their equipment. Compared to station wagons, the higher cockpit of the crossover makes driving more comfortable driving position, providing a better visibility for the driver.

On the other hand, after a big explosion of the bigger SUVs in the first decade of 2000, the Sport Utility Vehicle segment has been subject to a consistent down-sizing process aiming to make them more accessible, more efficient and subsequently targeting a larger market.

All these trends leaded to what crossovers represent today: the link, missing until a few years ago, between station wagon passenger cars and bigger SUVs, inheriting some aspects from both categories. Generally speaking, Crossovers aim to reach the efficiency and vehicle handling of passenger cars while benefiting of the higher ground clearance and suspension travel present on SUVs.

Coming down to wheels and wheelhouses, most of Crossovers inherit the typical passenger cars wheelhouse clearances profile with standard passenger cars snow chains approvals. At the same time, Crossovers are usually weighting more than a standard passenger car and they are equipped with bigger tyres whose profile is normally deeper treaded compared to the standard car tyres. The higher vehicle ground clearance provides the Crossover drivers the confidence to run across more accidented roads compared to the standard passenger cars.

At the same time, regarding the drivetrain, the majority of crossovers are featuring a 2WD transmission, meaning that in many cases they’re not benefiting of the superior traction provided by the 4WD system available on most of the SUVs.

Considering these differences in vehicle construction and usage, wouldn’t Crossover benefit of a dedicated snow chains compared to the standard passenger cars snow chains?

According to König’s studies and analysis, the answer is “Yes!” and that’s the reason why König developed a Crossover-specific range of products.

Starting from the product name, König made it easy for consumers to identify crossover dedicated products by including the “Cross” term in the product name.

In particular, we refer to the König XG Cross and König Reflex Cross products, both destined to crossovers. Let’s see what they have in common and what they differ for.



Product similarities

Let’s start with the common features and benefits for consumers.


Crossover specific tread design



Both of them are based on the König crossover-specific diamond tread design, composed by low profile D-Shaped links and the triple welded bar system at the center of the tread. This proprietary designed cross-section not only provides a better resistance to stresses, but also generates a more aggressive geometry to provide better traction on snowy and icy grounds. Additionally, the chain links are not getting embedded on those deeper treaded Crossover tyres, ensuring the chain tread is always active on the higher layer of the tyre surface, providing the performances consumer needs.


Automatic tensioning



Both König XG Cross and König Reflex Cross are fitted in just one car stop, not requiring any additional manual re-tightening or fixation by the user. The chains are reaching the optimal tensioning level autonomously, while driving, benefiting of a very precise micro-adjustable locking system. Once they’re fitted on the wheel, the user can just forget them and drive to destination.


Wheel-Shield Level 1 alloy wheel protection system



All cars sold on the market are equipped with nice looking alloy wheels, that’s a fact, alloy wheels provide a great look to the car itself. And surely consumers do not want to see their wheels scratched by the use of snow chains. No worries, König got them covered with the patented Wheel-Shield system.

The Wheel-Shield represents a complete set of features which, all together, avoid scratches on alloy wheels. Starting from the product design favoring the presence of the side chain more on the tyre sidewall than on the rim and ending with specific protections to those elements which might be responsible for scratches.

Both the König XG Cross and König Reflex Cross feature the König Wheel-Shield Level 1, meaning that all the product components which might get in touch with the wheel are manufactured in soft-touch anti-scratch material and the metal side hooks are covered with a specific nylon bumper set.



Both the König XG Cross and König Reflex Cross sizes are based on the König proprietary Crossover sizing system, starting from 213 and ending up at 251 (or 253 in case of the XG Cross). This is the perfect mix between passenger cars and bigger SUVs sizing ensuring the better tyre fitment and compatibility on this specific vehicle segment.


Vehicle applications

Both the König XG Cross and the König Reflex Cross can find a large variety applications on the most relevant car models around. Let’s see some examples of popular car models which can be equipped with the König XG Cross and the König Reflex Cross.



The König XG Cross and Reflex Cross snow chains find applications on the most common crossovers on the market, such as the Audi Q2 and Q3, BMW X1, X2 and X3, Citroen C5X and C5 Aircross, Cupra Ateca and Formentor, all the DS Crossover range, Ford Kuga and Puma, Mercedes EQA, EQB, GLA and GLB, Mini Countryman, Nissan Juke and Qashqai, Opel Mokka, Crossland and Grandland, Peugeot 2008, 3008 and 5008, Renault Capture and Kadjar, Skoda Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiac, Toyota Yaris Cross, Corolla Cross and RAV4, Volkswagen T-Cross, T-Roc and Tiguan and many others!

To check if your car can be equipped with König snow chains, please visit our Configurator page at the following link and insert your vehicle Make, Model and tyre size.


Product differences

After explaining the common features between the König XG Cross and the König Reflex Cross, let’s check what they differ for: product design, fitting system and packaging. Differences are substantial, let’s go through them one by one.


Product design and fitting system



The König XG Cross is a traditional snow chain equipped with the inner flexible cable and the König ATC Automatic tensioning and Centering system. The fitting process is defined “ground-up”, meaning that the chain mounting process starts by placing the chain on the ground and then by making it pass behind the wheel and then lifted up on the tyre. The fitting process is based on hooking/connecting operations on the inner cable, front closing hook and on the tensioning device. All these operations are enough easy to do and to perform.



The König Reflex Cross is the newborn in the König family and it represents the latest technology applied to snow chains. This snow chain belongs to the Intuitive category meaning that it represents the most natural and intuitive fitting system available in the market. The design principle of the König Reflex Cross is based on the patented double rigid arch system with integrated automatic tensioning which is recalling the micro-cable during driving. The arches’ functionalities are based on the shape memory of their inner materials, allowing them to stretch under load and then returning to their original shape. The chain does not require the typical link-to-hook operations which are very common on the traditional snow chains. Contrary to the XG Cross, the chain comes already assembled from the factory and the user is just requested to stretch it and fit it starting from the upper part of the tyre then down to the lower one. Users can fit the Reflex Cross like a breeze.



Different product design means different product dimensions when stored.



The König XG Cross is fully foldable and therefore it’s stored in the typical König SUV plastic box. On the other side, the König Reflex Cross features rigid elements which can’t be folded and for this reason they require a larger packaging, which remains very flat anyway.

Is a larger packaging considered a downside compared to a more compact one? Well, it depends. Let’s take the example of a car leaving for a ski vacation with a fully loaded trunk.

A more compact packaging, tends to be placed in the lower part of the trunk and luggage is usually placed after that. If during the trip the car needs snow chains, the user could take some time by searching for the compact packaging between the different luggage present in the trunk.

On the other side, a larger but flatter packaging is usually the last one to be placed into the trunk, meaning that it will be the first one the user will find if snow chains are needed.


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