Innovation and Heritage cohexist in the König DNA. In fact what is innovative today, it becomes heritage tomorrow  and it’s ready to provide more solid bases for the next innovation jumps delivering the newer generation of ideas and concepts.

Such approach to innovation is the fundamental rule for König and it is witnessed by some prominent milestones released through the years, some of them got awarded by international juries

  • 1980 Diamond pattern chains
  • 1990 No Problem system
  • 1995 Magic system
  • 2000 Supermagic system
  • 2007 K7
  • 2008 K-Summit
  • 2013 Easy-fit
  • 2016 K-Summit new tools
  • 2018 K-Summit Pro



  • 2011 Equipauto Innovation Award
  • 2013 Guinness World record
  • 2014 IF Design award