König K-Summit XXL

The most exclusive external snow chain for modern SUVs, ideal for vehicle affected by inner clearance limitations
  • K-summit 0 mm clearance
  • K-Summit Fitting
  • K-Summit innovative ratchet system
  • K-Summit Tensioning springs
  • Ksummit Tread chain
  • K-Summit Welded bars
  • Ksummit Foldable arms
  • No contact with alloy rims
  • K-Lock
  • Original rims
  • Homologations PC Uni/O-Norm
  • No Off-road

Modern, Exclusive, Stylish

K-Summit is the most exclusive and innovative external snow chain.
Nowadays cars are equipped with bigger and bigger wheels and more sophisticated suspension systems, dramatically reducing the wheelhouse clearance and subsequently limiting the application of standard snow chains.
One of the most frequent clearance limitations involves the wheelhouse’s inner portion and it’s represented by the lack of room between wheel and suspension strut, necessary for the fitting of traditional chains with inner elements.
König redefines the design of the external snow chains with a more comfortable, compact and flexible solution: the K-Summit.
With the König K-Summit, all fitting and removing operations are done exclusively on the external side of the wheel for better visibility and process understanding.
The fixation to the wheel is guaranteed with a set of proprietary-designed adapters, fastened on the original car bolt’s head. The fastening process is supported by the use of the K-Lock, the König proprietary wrench with integrated torque-indicator which informs the user when the ideal torque is reached.
The tensioning operations are handled through an integrated ratchet providing a surprisingly effortless process and making the chain reaching its ideal position autonomously during driving.
In fact, once the K-Summit is secured in position to the wheel , it does not require any additional stop for re-tensioning: the optimal tensioning and centering of the chain on the tyre is reached automatically while driving.
Thanks to the special design, the König K-Summit features the Wheel-Shield Level 0 which ensures the complete absence of touch points between chain and alloy wheel.
König K-Summit represents the most flexible snow chain solution ever: in fact, thanks to the patented adjusting-elements, the cross-section lenght can be adjusted according to tyre size resulting in a more flexible solution to cover different vehicles and tyre sizes.
König K-Summit is certified according to O-Norm V5117, UNI 11313 and EN 16662-1 thus fulfilling all Winter Equipment legal requirement.


External fitting
Intuitive fitting
Traditional Fitting
Automatic tensioning (1 stop for fitting)
Manual tensioning (2 stops for fitting)
Quick external release
Wheel-Shield Rim Protection
Additional traction elements
ABS/ESP compatible
Internal clearance 0 mm

Mounting & Operating manual