König XG Cross

Comfortable, compact and effective: the solution for your Compact SUV and Crossover
  • 9 mm clearance
  • XG Cross chain pattern
  • Patented system for self centering and tensioning.
  • Micro-regulation
  • Alloy wheels protection (automatic)
  • Homologations 5117 + EN 16662-1

Classic, Automatic, Brilliant

Combining the most prominent features that Compact SUVs and Crossovers require, the XG Cross represents the dedicated solution from König for these growing vehicles categories.
König XG Cross features a ground-up fitting system: thanks to the flexible cable sliding on the ground behind the wheel , all the chain parts get connected without moving the vehicle. Once the snow chain is mounted on the wheel, it does not require any additional stop for re-tensioning. In fact, thanks to the König ATC, the optimal tensioning and centering of the chain on the tyre is reached automatically while driving.
The new special cross-section design is partial carry-over of the tried and tested XG-12 Pro cross-section: thanks to the triple traction bars, the XG Cross design incorporates additional traction elements making the difference in the most demanding driving situations. Additional features such as the König Micro-adjust and the König Wheel-Shield Level 1 are elevating the XG Cross to be the preferred choice for Compact SUVs and Crossover owners.
König XG Cross is certified according to O-Norm V5117 and EN 16662-1 thus fulfilling all Winter Equipment legal requirement.


External fitting
Intuitive fitting
Traditional Fitting
Automatic tensioning (1 stop for fitting)
Manual tensioning (2 stops for fitting)
Quick external release
Wheel-Shield Rim Protection
Additional traction elements
ABS/ESP compatible
Internal clearance 9 mm

Mounting & Operating manual