Nowadays sustainability has become one of the most sensitive topics as the responsible management of resources is becoming one of the most prominent targets for companies worldwide.

And König makes no exception and aims to leave a lighter footprint year after year.

The involvement of König as company into the sustainability topic starts at product side.

König snow chains are designed and engineering to last, thus dramatically reducing the risk of product replacement and the related impact of the deployment of new resources for a new production and the related transportation to the market. It's very common for end-consumers to use König snow chains they find in their garage after years and the product are still perfectly functional. Additional König products price point is proportioned to the added-values carried with the product, this means that the price point allows the existence of a second-hand market on the web, giving used products (in perfect conditions) a second chance and subsequently not requesting the production of a new product. 

When products are manufactured, most of operations are done in-house at group's plants which are certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and IS050001.

Components and materials which are not in-house made come from suppliers. Over 95% of them are located inside the EU, thus benefiting a greener impact on logistics compared to companies importing goods from other continents.

Additionally the fact of using a vast majority of European suppliers brings the additional advantage of being subject to stricter environmental law requirements compared to products manufactured in Far East. Additionally, the conditions in terms of workers' rights and safety at work in the European Union are protecting people in a more comprehensive way compared to other continents.

All packaging materials used internal/external logistics are made in 100% recycled paper. 

When it comes to buildings, the König Headquarter is located in a newly constructed building developed on more sustainable assets which brought the following advantages

  • Improved thermal insulation in all the seasons
  • Higher natural light exposure to mimize the use of electric lights
  • The complete indoor lights are LED both in offices and warehouse
  • A complete roof panel system for electric energy conversion: most of the electricity we use comes from our own-production and 100% certified sustainable sources
  • Employees are incentivated to do smart-working when driving distances are higher than a certain level, to contain fuel consumption and CO2 pollution
  • Wastes get divided and collected separately to maximize recycling
  • Employees are provided of flasks and free water for all employees to mimize the use of plastic bottles